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9:39 pm - 01/07/2013

Heading back to stockholm from a crazy weekend in Miami. Tanned naked bodies shaking in the pool to a cold airplane ac breeze. A whisky and a bad film later and I slowley fall into a mild sleep vibriting together with the aircraft 10 000 meters up in the air all the way back to europe.

Back to the swedish summer. Lovely.

Today I´m gonna celebrate the whole day. The news reached us just when we were about to board our  plane from MIA…  We are now making swedish history by being number 1 u the UK music charts.

I just bursed into a huge smile when I think about last year in London.

Thank you all for being amazing and supporting us.

Today we will not be celebrating US but all of you.

yur the best…




 Photo by Fredrika Andersson






1010592_852248200957_1085778998_nPhoto by Fredrika Andersson

1045109_852247557247_1505572008_nPhoto by Fredrika Andersson

7:31 pm - 21/11/2012

Life is weird right now.

Weird can be bad but often in our lives weird is good…

and now it´s f*cking brilliant-weird.

as usual we have been traveling a lot. This past week we´ve been on a promo week. Started off in Berlin and ended it about right now 19.40 wednesday november 2012 in Wien. And I have to say that I´ve never been in  so many cities and seen so little of them like I´ve done this one and a half week.  So when I say weird I am reflecting to this week.

You sit down with different people and you tell them a short version of your life. When you´ve done that for 9 days about 17 times a day you really feel like life is weird. And some of the people that you been talking to for 20 minutes leaves actually a trace in your life, sometimes even bigger then friends you known for years.

Wow…weird is the mystery of life and strange is the perfect word to explain what we are going through.

Tomorrow we are leaving to New York, The apple of our hearts.

Then soon the tour with our loveliest Marina & the diamonds starts.

We have a lot of pictures coming up soon!!!!


Oggie our TM

Italy, Milan



Texas, Austin

Fun Fun Fun Fest…Tell you more about that later

Photo shoot At Milk studios in Germany


8:20 pm - 22/07/2012
Home Sweet Home

It feels like we ´ve been all around the world in two weeks. But those 5 days in NYC in the studio together with Style of eye, Robopop and Elof AKA Childman really made me wanna stay up way too many hours then I should have. And of course meeting our extended family members at the Milk Studios made it even harder to leave New York.

We started our trip in Italy Rome, we ended it in Barcelona last night.

Now I´m laying in the sofa paralyzed

listening to THIS tune with Anna Lunoe &  Flume.

Not spending more then 24 hours in the same place kind of makes your head messy.

I think we actually spend most of the time queuing to check in at the airports and waiting for the plane to lift.

But wow what a week.

Gonna put up a lot of pictures of our trip later on but for now you´ll get some old ones.

Thank you


Berlin // Melt Festival

New york


..and welcome lovely Stockholm

at Roskilde festival

at the Melt festival

at Roskilde festival

London early spring


// IP

9:43 pm - 18/05/2012
You Almost Still Feel The Desert Heath

Press here to see the full Video


Pictures from the FAMNYC video Filmed and edited by Stuart Winecoff


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9:36 am - 09/05/2012

One night in LA when we played at Writers Room we ended up in an after party up in the Hills with a lot of friends singing  Creedence Clearwaters – Down on the corner over and over again…. Don’t ask us why!

The morning after we realized that we had 42 minutes to get to the hotel and pack all our stuff before our ride to Coachella would arrive. Where the fuck were we??

We manage to get there in time and fell a sleep at once.

We woke up when it was time for food. At Burger King we heard the song… Down on the corner, It must be a sign!

haha, we remember everything from the night before and we’re back in the party mood.

We arrive to our hotel in Palm Springs and we only have 10 minutes before it’s time for us to dj.

When we see the pool area we realize that we’re in heaven. Friends, beer, gorgeous guys, instruments, Water guns…


Meet us by the pool


Thank you Milk Studios, Electric Room and Rolling Stone Rock Room

See you all soon!

12:36 pm - 08/05/2012


As you know we kicked of this festival summer with Coachella. It’s gonna be hard to beat that trip but every festival is different and got different charms.


The rush of freedom and beer,  The base from all the stages in your body, All the songs you know every word in that will mean even more to you after you’ve experienced them live, Happy people, summer crushes , All the new memories we will create…

Can’t wait any longer now…. What is your favorite festival memory?

some of the festivals we are gonna play at  is for example Knarrholmen, Storsjöyran, Peace and love, Roskilde

here is our summer festival Spotify list

And remember to check out what the rest of the “TIGER festival people” recommend this summer.